• Minimised Tyre Balancing Cost

    ABC Beads are the lowest cost Ceramic inner tyre balancing solution for most types of vehicles.

  • Maximised Tyre Life

    Greatly extend the life of your tyres. When measured, our beads extended the life of the tyres on a Kenworth truck by 30,000kms.

  • Improved Fuel Economy

    With your wheels spinning in near-perfect balance for much longer, you will save big time on your petrol costs.

  • Quick And Easy Installation

    Installing ABC Beads is easy as 123. See our simple guide in the menu above.

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ABC range of Ceramic Tyre Balancing Beads

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Extending the life of over 1 million tyres

ABC Beads are ultra-smooth ceramic balls packed in self-opening bags. Once you're in motion, the beads move freely within your tyre and correct any imbalances you might have. The result is less tyre wear and improved fuel economy.

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What types of vehicles can use ABC Beads?

ABC Beads are designed for all Trucks, Buses, Taxis , 4WDs, Motorcycles and Tailer tyres.

Are ABC Beads based & manufactured in Australia?

ABC Beads' special composition was developed by our Australian industrial chemists. It's then packaged and distributed by our Australian company and offer the cheapest of all tyre balancing systems.

Why choose ABC Beads over other tyre balancing systems?

Here are a few key points on this.

  • The Beads are a lead-free product
  • Harder than Polymer Powder and Glass
  • They do not break down into dust
  • They will operate for the life of the tyre, even in a moist situation
  • High sphericity beads roll smoothly without damaging the tyre’s lining
  • Safer to use by Tyre Fitters/Repairers
  • The Beads can be reused 
  • The most economical tyre balancing system