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ABC Beads

10kg (353oz) Bucket ABC Tyre Balancing Beads

10kg (353oz) Bucket ABC Tyre Balancing Beads

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ABC Beads are high-density ultra-smooth 2mm or 4mm ceramic balls packed in a bag placed inside a tyre when it is fitted. The ultra-light bag is specially designed to collapse with the increasing air pressure as the tyre is inflated and all the beads are dispersed inside the tyre as the vehicle begins to move.

ABC Beads use the centrifugal forces developed by the rotation of the wheel assembly to move freely inside of the tyre, allowing the beads to adjust to the varying imbalance of the tyre and wheel assembly throughout its life. The beads remain in their appropriate locations until the vehicle comes to rest.

ABC Beads, designed for trucks, buses, taxis, light trucks and 4x4 vehicles that operate both on and off road, as lead balance weights are often dislodged from vehicles travelling on unsealed corrugated and rough terrain and also greatly benefit Trailer tyres as tyre scalloping and irregular tread wear are reduced thus extending tyre life.

ABC Beads automatically reposition themselves according to the new force created by heavy spots due to mud build-up on tyres and rims. This self-adjusting feature ensures that the tyres are constantly balanced.

ABC Beads last the life of the tyre and are easily installed at a fraction of the cost of unsightly lead weights mounted on the outside of the tyre rim which can damage custom wheels and also work themselves free.


  • Alltyre Balancing Ceramics recommends that the installation of ABC Beads be carried out by a qualified Tyre Fitter/Technician using the appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).
  • Remove existing wheel balance weights.  
  • Scoop in the correct amount of beads (see Application Chart) directly inside the tyre allowing the use of an air blasting tool to seat the tyre on the rims safely without blowing the beads out of the tyre.
  • Avoid using excessive tyre lubricant to mount the tyre - any liquid lubricant falling into the tyre may reduce the beads’ performance.  
  • Use dry air when installing ABC Beads. This ensures that the beads retain their free-flowing balancing efficiency.

Also available in 3oz, 4oz, 6oz, 10oz and 12oz bags!


  • The correct bag size for your vehicle may differ from the image. 
  • Check our tyre chart here for the suggested size bag for your tyres.

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Cheapest Ceramic Tyre Balancing Beads Guarantee

Experience unbeatable durability with ABC Tyre Balancing Beads, engineered to withstand the toughest Australian conditions. Rest assured that our products are also the most cost-effective option available on the market.

Why you need ABC Tyre Balancing Beads

Here are a few key points on this.

The Beads are a lead-free product

  • Harder than Polymer Powder and Glass
  • They do not break down into dust
  • They will operate for the life of the tyre, even in a moist situation
  • High sphericity beads roll smoothly without damaging the tyre’s lining
  • Safer to use by Tyre Fitters/Repairers
  • The Beads can be reused 
  • The most economical tyre balancing system 
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Don't take our word for it.

"We have trialed one of our Kenworth Road Train prime movers with balancing beads and they do exactly what you claim - Tyre life was extended by 30,000km"

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