ABC Beads provide a "Beads in a Bag" system as well as manual installation for tyres already mounted on rims and are available in a selection of  weights to suit  your tyre size.

Please refer to the TYRE CHART for the correct quantity to use.



  • Alltyre Balancing Ceramics recommends that the installation of ABC Beads be carried out by a qualified Tyre Fitter/Technician using the appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).
  • Remove existing wheel balance weights.
  • Open the packet and place one bag directly inside the tyre. The bag retains the beads allowing the use of an air blasting tool to seat the tyre on the rims safely without blowing the beads out of the tyre.
  • Avoid using excessive tyre lubricant to mount the tyre - any liquid lubricant falling into the tyre may reduce the beads’ performance.
  • Use dry air when installing ABC Beads. This ensures that the beads retain their free-flowing balancing efficiency.
  • The ultra-light bag is designed to collapse with the increasing ai rpressure as the tyre is inflated and all the beads are dispersed inside the tyre as the vehicle begins to move.